Back In The Saddle

I’m happy to report my wrist is feeling much better. I’m still wearing the brace to work, but only because I sometimes lift heavy boxes and I don’t want to risk hurting it all over again. But when I’m at home, I’m leaving the brace off, and simply taking it easy.

Most of the time, my wrist doesn’t hurt. I’m taking that to mean it’s healed, at least mostly. I’m easing back into a more normal routine, slowly using my right hand more to wash dishes, pick up stuff, and turn doorknobs. I’ll admit, the doorknobs are still a bit tricky, but I’m getting there. I know my wrist needs some rehab, but despite this, I’m excited at the opportunity to start working again.

I’m not working today. I’ve been fighting a bear of a cold for the past week, and since today is Sunday I’m going to continue to use it as a rest-and-watch-tv day. But I plan to get back at it tomorrow. For the first time in weeks, I’ll once again be making progress on my current fantasy project.

I’ve said it before, but walking away from the project, no matter how valid the reason, has been driving me insane. My wrist needed to heal, and spending hours a day on the computer wasn’t going to get the job done. But that didn’t make it any easier. And, I know I’m going to have to go slow. I probably won’t work for hours tomorrow. I’ll want to, but again, I need to take it easy. I may only put in a couple hundred words, rather than the roughly 1500 I need to finish up chapter 19. But, it’s still progress. This book is going to get finished. It’s so close I can taste it.

Still Convalescing

I’m annoyed. And frustrated. And I just want to be working, but I can’t, because it’s bad for my wrist. And if I’d forgotten that, my attempt at working today is bound to remind me.

I’ve been missing my laptop something fierce, so I decided to hop on today and get a little work done. Nothing too dramatic, I didn’t even open Scrivener or give thought to my current fantasy project. I did a few things online, checked the bank accounts, ordered some meds for my dog, and decided to finish up my submission for the Upcoming Writing Contests.

For better or worse, my entry is submitted. No going back now. I have no idea how many entries these contests get, or what kind of chance I have, but if I don’t enter then I’ll never know. If you’re interested, you can check out the websites for the contests below:

Iowa Review Award

The Chattahoochee Review: Lamar York Prize for Fiction

My wrist was already angry at me when I got up, for abusing it too much yesterday. I’m sure my computer time this morning won’t help, but at least the submissions are in and I’m not in danger of missing any deadlines. It’ll heal eventually. My down time is just driving me insane.

Bummed & Broken

Bummed: I didn’t get that freelance writing job. My phase 2 application wasn’t what they were looking for, and I was not invited to continue on to phase 3. It’s upsetting. I knew from the start, based on the job description, that I had a slim chance of getting it. But that didn’t make me want it any less.

Broken: I have a sprained wrist. And it’s my right wrist, to boot. I’m under doctor’s orders to baby it, which is really hard, cause I kind of use my right hand for everything. The kicker is that I can’t write, which I learned on Thursday. After spending 3 hours on the computer that evening my wrist was screaming and throbbing for the rest of the night. Turns out the angle is bad, so even though the wrist isn’t doing much actual work, it’s still too hard on it. I can’t even read. The position I would have to hold my hand in to hold a book or continually turn pages is not conducive to the healing rest it needs. I’m breaking the rules just writing this post.

Hopefully my convalescence will only last a matter of days. The wrist itself will take 2-3 weeks to fully heal, but I should be able to add activities back in as it gets stronger. Until then, I’m relegated to the couch watching TV, which makes me feel incredibly lazy and unproductive. Knowing how close my book ending could be only makes it worse.

So, until then, I’ll keep my chin up, and look ever forward. This is just a minor blip in the grand scheme of things.

The End Approaches…

I realized today that my story is almost over. I’m attempting to finish up chapter 19, and the current scene is a pre-battle between protagonist and antagonist. The antagonist is going to win, for now, but the final confrontation between the two is imminent.

The realization took me by surprise. I thought the story would be longer. At this point, extending the story more than just a couple more chapters, tops, would be only be drawing it out. Any roadblocks I throw in won’t make any sense to the plot. The final battle needs to happen, and it needs to happen soon.

When I began this project, I had no idea how many words or chapters it would contain. I just knew where it was going to end, and whatever happened in between, well, that’s how many chapters it would turn out to be. But I still thought it would be longer.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a good thing. Seeing the end of this project is thrilling, and a welcome addition to the drudgery of pounding out chapters with no end in sight. It’s just unexpected. And a little scary. A project is safe in development mode. It’s only when it’s done that you have to share it with the world and try to make something out of it.

It could still end up being longer. Finishing the first draft by no means signals that the book is finished. There are definitely things I want to change, as I’ve already talked about in Rewrite Sticky Notes.  I can always add in plot points, and plot twists, and new characters. But I need to add them in the beginning chapters, where they’ll seem natural and not like a last-minute effort to extend the story. That’s what edits are for, after all. To change everything you didn’t get right the first time around.

I’ve worked hard to get to this point. The fact that it’s approaching faster than expected is an added bonus.