Failing Already

I feel kinda stupid. Here I wrote this post about getting back into my fantasy project and the new goals I was setting and how productive I was going to be, and I didn’t even make it through 2 chapters my first week trying. I have my excuses, sure. Things came up. I was tired. I didn’t feel very good. There’s always a reason why we don’t get the writing done that we planned to do.

I didn’t write a single word yesterday. I curled up on the couch and read a book instead. It was a good book, and I enjoyed it, but I felt very annoyed at myself for not being disciplined, putting the book down, and doing the writing I knew I should be doing. I haven’t done any writing yet today, either. Here it is, 7:30 at night, and I’ll be putting in some time instead of reading or watching tv, which I’m usually doing around this time.

I’ll be lucky to finish one chapter between tonight and tomorrow, only halfway making my goal of 2 chapters a week. But at least it’s still progress. And then a new week is going to start, and I can try again. I can be more disciplined next week, and I can get my 2 chapters in. And if I truly want to, then I will.

I know this is a short post, and I apologize. But, I’ve been away from my story too long, and I need to get back into it.

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