Reworking My Goals

I’m not going to finish this draft on time. I don’t know if I mentioned it on here (I prowled through my old posts, but I couldn’t find anywhere I explicitly stated it), but my goal was to have a complete first draft by the end of the year. From there, I figured about a month or so for rewriting and editing, a month for it to be out to my beta readers, then another month or so of more rewriting and editing. All told, I figured I’d be ready to send it out sometime in the early spring.

That isn’t going to happen. To get there, I needed to be writing 2 chapters a week. And I just spent 3-4 weeks on chapter 10. Now, with only 8 weeks left in the year, it’d be highly unlikely I could finish on time, even if I were able to put in the 2 chapters a week. I don’t know how many chapters are left in my story, but there’s every chance it’ll be more than 16. Not to mention my current rate of work. I’ve picked it up a bit, but it still took me a whole week to do chapter 11 (which isn’t quite done, but one more session should do it).

My available time to write may well be shrinking within the near future, too. Financial concerns have me looking for a part-time job, and, while I haven’t heard anything yet, the possibility is still there.

It’s a bit of a bummer. This was the first project where I really set myself a deadline, and now I’m not going to make it. Still, the deadline is burned into my brain. I’m going to push for it, and see how far I can make it before time is up. Only then will I have a realistic idea of how far I need to extend that deadline.

I’m still proud of myself. And, truly, the only one who’s pushing me to meet that deadline is me. It’s still important to keep commitments I make to myself, but also perfectly okay for me to decide it’s not working and make a different plan.

Talk to me in the comments. Do you set deadlines for yourself? How often do you keep them?

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