Solid Progress

So, after the debacle that was writing chapter 10 in my fantasy project, I wrote a post on Reworking My Goals. It was fitting, because I found myself a lot farther behind schedule than I wanted to be.

Now I’m making solid progress. I wrote chapter 11 last week, and I just now finished chapter 12, with still one more working day left in this week (meaning Saturday. Tomorrow is out-we’re going to Carlsbad Caverns!). I feel proud. I really buckled down, and churned out some good pieces of story.

I know these chapters need work. I’m trying to explain a lot about how my magic system works, and it’s coming out in messy dialogue that doesn’t always feel very natural. But that’s okay. The chapters are done, and I can move forward. Like everything that’s come before, the flaws can be cleaned up (or completely rewritten, if necessary) in editing time. After the story is done.

That’s what I’m trying to keep in mind here. It doesn’t have to be perfect this time around. I’m still deciding on where my story needs to go and how it needs to get there. I have the main plot decided, but all the little things in the middle are still up in the air. Some pieces might not match. I’ll catch them later.

This is a short post, but my laptop is currently down to 8% battery and I don’t really know how much time I have left. Once I put it away for the evening I don’t like to get it back out, and my chapter took longer to finish than I expected it to.

I’m gaining momentum. And I look forward to cranking out chapter 13 next week.

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