Yet Another Move

Into my new office, that is.  The room itself has been ready for almost 2 weeks, but there was always a reason for me to not move in yet.  Ultimately, the reasons themselves didn’t matter. I didn’t move in because I’m resistant to change.

I’ve been working in the living room since we moved here, about 8 months now. I have a routine there. It’s physically comfortable. I can arrange everything to be within easy reach. While not perfect, it was normal.

Working in the office is not normal. Everything’s in a different place. I need to find new homes for my phone, my glasses case, my notebook. The lighting is different. The seating is different. Even the company is different. The dog has forsaken me to sleep on the couch in the living room, and I’m all alone at this end of the hall. All in all, I was reluctant to officially move my working time into the office, because it’s different.

So, today I made the decision that I needed to move. What’s the point in establishing an office if I’m not going to use it? I’m sitting in here now, writing this post. It’s not too bad, although I need to figure out a better way to sit. We put a piece of the couch in here, the curved part that makes it an L-shaped couch, and it’s not quite as comfortable as I thought it would be. My back is bent a little funny, and I’ll need to do some adjusting to figure out the best way to sit in it.

But, the work is getting done. I’m even writing today, which is the first day this week. Now that the holidays are over and life is settling down again I should be able to get back into a regular writing routine (wow, try saying that 5 times fast). I’m still in chapter 14, but at least I’m making progress again.

I’ll get used to my new routine. I always do. And in a few weeks, or maybe months, I’ll wonder why I drug my feet in the first place.

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