Still Convalescing

I’m annoyed. And frustrated. And I just want to be working, but I can’t, because it’s bad for my wrist. And if I’d forgotten that, my attempt at working today is bound to remind me.

I’ve been missing my laptop something fierce, so I decided to hop on today and get a little work done. Nothing too dramatic, I didn’t even open Scrivener or give thought to my current fantasy project. I did a few things online, checked the bank accounts, ordered some meds for my dog, and decided to finish up my submission for the Upcoming Writing Contests.

For better or worse, my entry is submitted. No going back now. I have no idea how many entries these contests get, or what kind of chance I have, but if I don’t enter then I’ll never know. If you’re interested, you can check out the websites for the contests below:

Iowa Review Award

The Chattahoochee Review: Lamar York Prize for Fiction

My wrist was already angry at me when I got up, for abusing it too much yesterday. I’m sure my computer time this morning won’t help, but at least the submissions are in and I’m not in danger of missing any deadlines. It’ll heal eventually. My down time is just driving me insane.

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  1. That really sucks about your wrist 🙁 I know how crazy it can make you’re physically unable to do things; I imagine it’s even worse when it involves your dominant hand. Hopefully you’ll be able to write again soon.

    Good luck with your writing contests!

    1. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I rarely even get my laptop out these days. The wrist is getting better, slowly. On the plus side, I’ve binged nearly half of the entire Supernatural series, so I’ve got that going for me.

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