900 Words

I know I said I was going to take it easy. And I tried. I really did. But you know how it feels to get started on something you’ve been waiting for, and really want to do? How easy is it to stop?

I put 900 words into chapter 19 tonight, and was finally able to finish it. This chapter has been hanging over my head for weeks, and seeing it through is giving me such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. The end of my current fantasy project is coming together.

I’m quite proud of myself. I had a tough time getting going. Being away from a project for even days, let alone weeks at a time, is killer for my momentum. It’s hard to get back into it again, and find the rhythm that lets me knock out several thousand words in a single sitting. I tried a couple of days ago, but all I got for my efforts was a couple of lines.

To be fair, I was stuck on this chapter even before I sprained my wrist. I didn’t know how Callum was going to get away from my antagonist. Nothing I thought of seemed to make sense.

So, I didn’t have high hopes tonight. I thought I’d get moving a bit, maybe get a little work done, and let my mind mull it over when I should be sleeping later. But, I started writing, and it suddenly seemed to click. I didn’t want to stop, and lose the idea that was forming in my head. So, I finished the chapter, and while it’s a little shorter than I had anticipated, that’s fine. Again, that’s what edits are for.

I may pay for my enthusiasm tomorrow. My wrist may be angry at me. But for tonight, I’m proud.

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