Why should You work with The Word Salad?

Imagine the most delicious meal that you have eaten. What did you love most about it? The freshness of the ingredients? The way it was plated up? How it tasted on your tongue, the place where you ate it or the person who crafted it for you? It may have been a combination of all. Now, what if someone could recreate the same delicious experience in words? Enter The Word Salad. And we are the Saladeers at The Word Salad!

What does that mean?
Well, we make tasty, nutritious and interesting salads out of words.

Ummm… Not clear, yet.
We are your go-to people, just a call away, when you need high quality content for anything and everything you can possibly imagine.

Ok… can you elaborate?
As a professional involved with your own business, have you often felt the need to have thoughts translated to the right words but can’t find someone who gets you? Do you struggle with finding the right person who understands your brief, writes well, and does so consistently?
We have felt that so often over the last decade in our stints across various industries, with companies of different sizes. And so, we decided, why not make good content accessible?

We, then, wore our thinking hats and creative aprons, and tossed up The Word Salad.

Can’t wait to get great content on your plate? If yes, dial into us or drop in a mail!

For those of you with a B2C business, we can make your thoughts reach your consumers. We can add the necessary flavours and make sure they are unable to take their eyes off you! Have another kind of audience to impress? We can bring out your essence in a power-packed combination of words for investors, media or whoever else you want to dazzle!

And for those of you with a B2B business, we can crack your complex technical or business jargon, flatten them out, and roll them up into beautiful pieces that make sense to your stakeholders – employees, internal business units, stockholders, customers, media or anyone who matters to your business!

You could have a website, a magazine, a publishing house, a report, or a social media handle. As long as words can flow into your channel, we can make it matter.

Why us?
If you look up the dictionary meaning of word salad, ‘unintelligible’ and ‘gibberish’ are likely to show up. But if there is something we love as Team Word Salad, as much as we love word play, it is a challenge! So here we are, attempting to turn the meaning of the term on its head and tossing up word salads that clients and customers swear by!
It doesn’t matter to us what’s the size of your business.
It doesn’t matter to us what your location is.
It doesn’t matter to us what’s your function in your organization.

We can unscramble your thoughts and whip up content that speaks your language!
We simply, honestly, fully, are in LOVE with our PLAY of WORDS. (Saying that again for emphasis)
But yes, we are a bit different from the freelance writers out there, or, those for whom content is a secondary or passive service.

We actively specialize in content and have a penchant for understanding your needs when it comes to any kind of content – whether it is text or audio-visuals.
We are an end-to-end content solution provider.
We understand that your content needs to reflect your company’s personality. And so, we delve deep into your business goals, carry out extensive research and whip up a tailor-made solution that is unique to your brand.
And most importantly, we put our hearts and mind into it, too!

Try one of our word salads, you will know the difference!