Meet the Saladeers!

The Sprout Salad Specialist

Sprouts make the most nutritious of salads but to make them drool-worthy, one needs the wisdom of a variety of foods and the know-how of what goes well with sprouts. 

Think of Rhituparna, The Sprout Salad Specialist, as one who can extract the most ‘nutritious’ information from any piece of conversation or written matter, however fragmented that might be. Over the years, she has earned the trust of different stakeholders in large and small companies, through her ability to process and serve information according to their needs and tastes.

Write to Rhituparna if you have a high-intensity, critical piece of content to be delivered!


The Dress Up Salad Specialist

What happens when you add a dash of dressing to an otherwise limp bowl of salad? It takes on a completely new avatar!

That’s precisely the role of our Dressed Up Salad Specialist, Preeti Athri. She has honed the art of treating every word and paragraph in a way that adds soul to a lifeless piece. She takes the ‘health quotient’ of her information seriously and doesn’t trivialize the weightage of the matter with fancy words.

Having mixed up chemicals in the laboratory and recruited people for different job roles (through her HR stint), Preeti knows the science and art of words rather well. Simply put, you want an impressive piece of content dished up, slow, fast or otherwise, Preeti is the ideal chef for the job!


The Pickled Salad Specialist

Some like their salads pickled to bring out a ‘new’ taste along with the crunch! Now that requires a sharp sense of taste, an understanding of the law of standards and oodles of patience.

Priya Iyer, The Pickled Salad Specialist, has that kind of taste for each word or image or sound. Her thoughts are carefully measured, mixed, mulled over and edited ‘sharply’, to bring forth a clean, succinct yet impactful piece of content. Just like pickled salads can’t afford to have any excesses, what she rolls out is ‘immaculate’ in every sense of the word.

Backed by her journalistic background and a strong left brain, she can add structure to any piece of information and convert it into the most ‘palatable’ content ever possible.

You can be rest assured that if Priya is on the job, you won’t find yourself in a pickle with your content needs!